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International Kettlebell Lifting Federation

Kettlebell Instructor Education and Certification Program

Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting © - Kettlebell Instructor Course

During this 14 hour course candidates will study the lifting techniques necessary to teach the Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting©, apply BMF Programming and understand lifting safety.

After becoming a certified Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting© Instructor, teachers will have the education and skills necessary to run a successful fitness class program, and assist both groups and individuals with their fitness goals. 

Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting© produces the following effects after only a few weeks of consistent training:
  • Greater anaerobic stamina and speed of recovery
  • Improved aerobic endurance
  • Greater structural strength
  • Greater muscular strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved mental focus and mood. 
The Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting© course and BOLT Method Fitness is ideally suited for:

  • Functional fitness for everyday activities
  • Physical labor fitness
  • Combat sport athletes
  • Wrestlers
  • First responders (police, fire fighters, etc)
  • Stop and go sports such as racket or field sports
  • and more

Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting© - Instructor Course Schedule:

Two day course, 14 hours total class time.


  • BOLT Training Method theory. Teaching techniques, program design, and safety.
  • BOLT Training Method exercises. The participant learns a selection of carefully selected kettlebell lifts and supporting calisthenics exercises that make up this method's tool box. 
    The exercises are organized by training focused and complexity.
  • BOLT Kettlebell Lifting Sport. Participants learn the rudiments of our beloved kettlebell sport, how to use the IKLF BOLT Training Levels and IKLF Ranking.
  • BOLT Training Method Range of Motion techniques. This includes:
    • Coach Rithner Windmill Series. 7 exercises
    • Turkish Get-Up. 3 exercises
    • Body weight range of motion techniques. 

Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting © Certification Exam

To become certified as an IKLF Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting© Instructor the candidate must successfully complete the following tests.

Fitness Test  

To be completed on the morning of day one, after the course by video submission (free the first attempt) or in person at a later date ($50)

Test: Two 5 minute sets in one double and one single lift chosen from among the six competition BOLT Kettlebell Lifting Sport lifts - 10 minute rest between sets.

Requirement: Must meet or exceed Level 6 C. 

Upcoming IKLF Kettlebell Instructor Certification Courses and Test Days

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